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Mobility Challenges Growing
More Complex

Global enterprises are experiencing an explosion of mobile devices within their organizations. They are pressed to find the best, most cost effective solution for controlling every aspect of these devices. Managing device purchases, deployments, carrier contracts, applications, technical support and repairs as well as governing mobile policies are all growing concerns. Successful enterprises need mobility solutions that maximize employee productivity, manage corporate security, streamline processes and minimize costs.

How will you manage all the aspects of mobility?

Will you allow employees to provide their own devices?

Are you exposing critical corporate data to security risks?

How will you support employee repairs and replacements as
well as manage their applications?

Managed Mobility – Flexible, Smart Solution

Managed Mobility enables enterprises to redeploy resources focused on mobility-related business processes and avoid the added overhead of creating internal infrastructure and expertise. It’s ideal for enterprises that want to stay on top of technology changes and support best practices while managing costs.

About-MoveroMovero solutions help customers manage every aspect of their mobile communications landscape.

Calero Software provides Movero Managed Mobility strategy and services. We build strategic solutions by combining our flexible technology, service desk and expert consulting services to address every mobility management challenge. We offer a range of technology, services and consulting expertise in a flexible, modular way so that customers can choose the options they need – from the initial plan design, through procurement, deployment, securing, managing and supporting mobility.

Fixed TEM Solutions for Enterprises

Movero solutions also help enterprises easily manage every aspect of their fixed communications expenses. Our managed TEM solutions and services provide increased visibility and understanding into overall spending – improving control and cost savings across the organization.

Powerful Combination of Technology + Support + Consulting Expertise

  1. Proven Technology: Since 2001, we have made significant investments in designing proprietary technology solutions. Our solutions utilize a single delivery SaaS platform which leverages cloud technology for flexibility and cost effectiveness while supporting enterprise-wide business changes and rigid security standards.
  2. Dedicated Service Desk: We offer in-house service desk professionals to support your mobile users 24/7/365. Regardless of your mobility policy (CL, IL, COPE, or BYOD) or MDM vendor, our experts can manage your Tier I, Tier II or Tier III needs including any additional MDM management requirements. We take pride that we do not outsource this critical task and we employ a knowledgeable, responsive team committed to helping your employees maximize productivity and up time.
  3. Consulting Expertise: Whether you have decided BYOD is right for your enterprise or if you are just beginning an MDM search, the our Design team will guide you every step of the way. From the initial solution design, through procurement, deployment, securing, managing, and supporting, our consulting experts bring years of experience to help you address every mobility challenge.

How can we help you?

Calero has a wide range of Movero Managed Mobility strategy and services to meet your enterprise needs. Contact us to find out how we can help bring order to your mobility landscape while supporting best practices, streamlining business processes and maximizing the productivity of your mobile users.

Movero is Now Calero Software

Movero is now part of Calero Software, the new upstart in global enterprise Communications Lifecycle Management. Calero is combining the best of best-of-breed to bring enterprises a compelling new choice in communications management, and we’re proud to be part of it. What can Calero do for you? Visit and see what the future of global enterprise Communications Lifecycle Management looks like!


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